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Watch for Yourself What Makes ConQuest Scents So Great

See behind-the-scenes action at our Mid-Michigan whitetail farm

Currently in the 4th season, ConQuest 200 TV gives you an in-depth look into what it takes to make ConQuest Scents at our whitetail deer farm where we have grown some of the largest typical whitetail in North America. We offer viewers an unscripted show that follows our genetic design, urine collection and manufacturing process.

Find out how we go from genetically designing whitetail deer to manufacturing the product we ship out across the United States by turning your set to ConQuest 200 TV.


Tune in Mondays at 6 am, Saturdays at 7 am, and Sundays at 1pm

Check out ConQuest Deer Farm on ConQuest 200 TV and learn everything you can about the majestic whitetail deer from birth to death. Our ad-lib lifestyle show appears on the Sportsman’s Channel and will captivate both hunters and non-hunters alike.

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